VR4NeuroPain is a customized, award-winning solution of interactive technology that aims to promote the rehabilitation of patients with neuropathic pain in a hospital or home environment.

This innovative system combines virtual reality headsets, haptic feedback gloves with motion and bio-medical sensors, allowing the collection and analysis of physiological parameters.

I managed the development of all VR content and interaction, as well as liaising with the medical research team and making the bridge between hardware development and its subsequent integration in VR.

For more information about this project please check the official website.

Project Chatrooms

Project Chatrooms is a multiplayer, multiplatform framework that enables multiple users to connect to the same virtual space and interact with one another.

I managed the development of this project as well as all project and client liaisons from a business development point of view. So far it has been used in many different business areas including retail training, finance, healthcare and analytics.

Key Features:

  • Hardware Agnostic – works with all VR hardware and even standalone Pc/Mac setup;
  • Game engine agnostic – works on top commercial game engines;
  • Multiplayer services agnostic;
  • Easily scalable and robust;
  • Plenty of physics simulation settings – from realistic to fully customized ones;
  • Support for haptic gear from designated providers – VRgluv, Subpac, Gloveone, ManusVR and more;
  • Easy to setup – quick to use.

Multiplayer Augmented Reality

This undisclosed videogame project for a big Hollywood studio consisted in creating a multiplayer experience in which players could create a character and place it in Augmented Reality so that the character could roam around free, as if part of the real world, and interact with other character in the same virtual space.

This project required the use of 6D.ai framework, and featured:

  • AR real-time environment meshing;
  • AR cloud relocalization;
  • AR object occlusion;
  • real-world semantic understanding;
  • autonomous agent behaviour;
  • character creation;
  • automated speech recognition and processing;
  • multiplayer system.

I was the Technical Director for the PoC that was developed for the client. Based in Los Angeles, I managed the development of this project, liaising with production, art and technical teams in both US and Europe, was present in technical meetings with the client and assisted stakeholders with product development decisions.