Today I Feel Grateful

Today I received a wonderful gift.

But that’s not how the story should start. I think I should start by telling you that this past year has been quite challenging. In fact, when I say challenging I mean, on a personal level, quite dreary. Not exactly what I had planned for, nor was this something I would envision a year ago.

It has been roughly one year and four months since my last post. Seems like a decent intro for a Bloggers Anonymous reunion. I wanted to write more, to read more, to travel more, to hike more. Basically I wanted improve some parts of me that, alas, remained forlorn, like a flower left forgotten inside an old wooden drawer.

Albeit being a wonderful year in terms of professional development, a lot was left behind. Things were happening so fast that I got swept off my feet, and struggled thus far to find the ground that would bring me solace amongst the storm.

Somewhere close to the date of my previous post, I had to close some chapters regarding the proximity with a personal growth group I was in. I felt sad back then, because everything had gone the opposite way it was supposed to. As a result, I began to do some introspective work, some soul search, trying figure out what exactly was going on in my life that needed replanning, what were the key factors of change I needed to embrace in order to move forward in my personal and spiritual life.

I just wanted to go to the mountain, surrounded by peace and stillness. Never happened.

And it took me a while to glimpse something.

A year and four months to be more precise. All this time was spent asking many questions. ‘Why’ is common one, just like ‘How’. Of all the times I pondered about a new path or a new direction, I simply lacked validation, whether external or internal.

Until last week.

Two events triggered the new path I am currently threading: a friend with an injured knee, and a message from a stranger.

As some of you probably know, I am also a holistic healer. Last Monday I offered to help a friend with an injured knee. It felt right. It still does. She got an excellent recovery and in a couple of days it was nothing but a memory.

And today I got a gratitude message from someone I only know from a professional social network. This messaged concerns my blogpost from a couple of years ago, and how I had somehow touched his life in a positive way through my writing.

Both these events have shown me humbling moments of bliss and gratitude, for being both a vehicle of change and allowed to touch others in a positive way.

I Thank You A. and M. for crossing paths with me, for making me a better person, and for setting the Wheel in Motion once again, clearing the path for another adventure.

Love & Light.


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