The Wheel Turns and the Path Unfolds

Loved finding this title.

I only had “The Wheel Turns” on my mind, over and over again. Then, the Universe showed me the rest (with the help of Google).

So yes, another year has passed since this blog’s inception, this was the first year of new discoveries, the first year after saying YES to life, universe and the rest. The first year where I was open to the abundance of [insert better word for ALL].

So what happened last year?

  • I quit from a stable job on a big company, that was preventing me from growing and unleashing my potential;
  • I spent a year doing something I love – programming – which I had not done so much for the past years;
  • I got a lot more work as a healer;
  • I visited Cyprus and fell in love with the island (even if only during a four-day work travel);
  • Started a new path as Vice-Head of a Videogames Honours degree at on Portugal’s biggest private university;
  • Learned a a lot from my students (all of them, not just the ones at the university);
  • Was able to help a lot of different persons to figure a little bit more of who they are, by means of the Path of the Horse (my retreat courses held with my friend Epona);
  • Met a lot of interesting persons (you are probably one of them);
  • Got to love life even more!

So what next? Change you say? Yes.

This past year I also was faced with a lot of challenges, especially internal ones. I was confused for a long time about what I wanted in life (well, I am still not at 100% but then again, who is), and I had to learn a lot about myself just to keep my integrity on the right track.

Right now, I know only one thing, that I owe this and only this to myself: to be true, to keep it real, to face my fears, to live up to my full potential and to keep threading what I believe to be my path in life.

Bear in mind that I am not a perfect person, nor someone who just “found the light” and is willing to share it with the rest of the world. I am just someone on a learning path, someone who thinks everyone(!) should be entitled to follow their dreams and be the best of themselves.

Like one of the persons who inspire me, Pendekar Paul de Thouars, I would love that everyone who reads this to practice one simple thing: “Be Yourself, Be the Best of Yourself”.

What martial arts teach you is that you can always do much more, and by being a martial artist since my teens, I only had to remember once more to trust myself, and overall trust my gut-feelings.

And, lo and behold, I am on a new path, one that will be unfolded soon and one that I hope will be filled with meaning.

As for now? It’s my birthday, and I am going to be smiling, just for being alive.

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