Today Was Hard (or how I struggle with my own impatience)

Wake, shower, drive, wait in line, wait some more, someone telling me I stood in line for nothing for the past hour, drive, walk, wait, talk, wait some more…

I think you get the picture.

This is how my morning sounded like. It kind of went on until slightly past noon.

“So what?” You may wonder. Indeed, doesn’t sound much. In fact, I should be able to deal with this easily, just letting go of all of the unwanted feelings and rise above the low-orbiting, heavy weights that push my mood to the ground. Did I mention it also rained?

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Life (re)starts at 38


Yes, it does. For me it’s more like restarting (quite poetic for someone teaching videogames programming at a media school called Restart), restarting on a new paradigm, new roles, new paths and new challenges. Oh, did I mention that today is my birthday?

Today is my last day at Miniclip. This level has been complete, as are all the achievements, and I also managed to get a fair position, mind you, in our leaderboards. Time has come for me to try something new, again, to venture in the world of questions, of learning and, ultimately, of adventure.

Looking back I love the path I’ve tread. I learned a lot, met wonderful persons, laughed a lot and got to see plenty of them growing with me. Some persons will still be in contact, some won’t, but that’s just fine, that’s how life brings you freshness every day: you meet others, make friends, love some, hate others, and, unfortunately, quite often, forget to be in touch more than you would probably want. But still, I guess that’s part of your personal growth, overcoming kindergarten-like emotional intelligence and start accepting who we are, what we want, and, ultimately, knowing how to let go of all the things we do not need in our lives.

I look at you (yes, I can see you) as someone who has taught me something. Even if our paths never crossed, I would like to take time to say Thank You! We never do it enough times in our lives, being thankful for life, the universe and everything.

So Thank You for being a part of my life. Thank you for making me laugh, cry or any other indiscriminated (is this a word?) emotion. You helped me grow, as a human being, a patchwork quilt made of stardust and earth.

Quoting an author you probably know very well:

“You step onto the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

Here’s to being swept off!

Love & Light