So what?

You take a chance, throw your best shot at that giant leap and make the change.

So what?

What happens next? Do you feel better with your choice? Do you feel accomplished? Where is that insta-win state of mind you have been longing for so long? Worse of all – where is all the peace?

It is not there. There are no securities, no safety nets. When you swing from one trapeze to the other, you are on your own. Gravity and momentum. That is all.

“What if I fall?”, people ask me.

So what?

If you fall to the ground it will only mean you are alive and aware of the rules you set to yourself. The rules you respect in order to play the game, no matter wether you cheat or not – cheating is nothing more than validating and legitimizing the rules of play.

Stand up, shake the dust from your clothes, check your smile and move on. In the end, it’s never about the finish line, but about the way you snap your finger to start the next song in the queue.

That’s what!

The Wheel Turns and the Path Unfolds

Loved finding this title.

I only had “The Wheel Turns” on my mind, over and over again. Then, the Universe showed me the rest (with the help of Google).

So yes, another year has passed since this blog’s inception, this was the first year of new discoveries, the first year after saying YES to life, universe and the rest. The first year where I was open to the abundance of [insert better word for ALL].

So what happened last year? Continue reading “The Wheel Turns and the Path Unfolds”

Why You Should Move (Videogame) Development to Portugal (And Why You Should Do It Now!)


In this day and age in the global village, nothing holds you from working anywhere in the world. Well, almost nothing. I guess that unless you are a penguin enthusiast, you should probably not open a design studio in Antarctica.

“Give me a place to stand and I shall move the world” said Archimedes. “Give me internet, nice weather, great food and awesome talent, and I will conquer top 10” says Tiago Loureiro, videogames professional with a 10+ years industry experience ( 20+ in IT and entrepreneur since the tender age of 17).

That is what we have in Portugal: nice weather all year long, with one of Europe’s longest time of exposure to the sun – sure, we have rain too, and snow in the highlands, but usually we do not have blizzards nor landslides; we have the best gastronomy in Europe (honest) with delicious mediterranean delicacies to die for, as well as the biggest fishing exclusive area in the world; and to top it all we have amazing talent that some of you may already have hired – we currently we have awesome top notch professionals all over the world.

But you don’t have to take my word for it: other companies are starting to notice that as well. Miniclip made the bet of its life when deciding to open a mobile development studio in Portugal.

There are also a few other big names that have started to look to Europe’s westernmost coast, land of explorers, inventors and of fearless men and women, who do not take things for granted and proactively search for inventive ways to solve everyday problems (we call it “desenrascanço”).

One of those big names even consulted me about moving to Portugal – truly hope they decide to come.

We have Universities and media schools with videogame courses and programmes that interface with some of Europe’s finest academia, cooperating to create highways of personal growth that greatly benefit both foreign and local students. However, due to the current lack of appealing offers in the area they are, literally, flying away from Portugal, to not-so-greener pastures.

And the time is now! Currently, when it comes down to our lovely industry, you have mostly two to three persons indie studios, less than a handful of small companies and one big publisher (starts with ‘M’, ends with ‘p’ and has “inicli” in the middle).

Want to outsmart competition? Be the King of your business? Move your Game from the Loft? Glu the competition to the floor? Make the move now!

Need help? I’m glad you asked…

Life (re)starts at 38


Yes, it does. For me it’s more like restarting (quite poetic for someone teaching videogames programming at a media school called Restart), restarting on a new paradigm, new roles, new paths and new challenges. Oh, did I mention that today is my birthday?

Today is my last day at Miniclip. This level has been complete, as are all the achievements, and I also managed to get a fair position, mind you, in our leaderboards. Time has come for me to try something new, again, to venture in the world of questions, of learning and, ultimately, of adventure.

Looking back I love the path I’ve tread. I learned a lot, met wonderful persons, laughed a lot and got to see plenty of them growing with me. Some persons will still be in contact, some won’t, but that’s just fine, that’s how life brings you freshness every day: you meet others, make friends, love some, hate others, and, unfortunately, quite often, forget to be in touch more than you would probably want. But still, I guess that’s part of your personal growth, overcoming kindergarten-like emotional intelligence and start accepting who we are, what we want, and, ultimately, knowing how to let go of all the things we do not need in our lives.

I look at you (yes, I can see you) as someone who has taught me something. Even if our paths never crossed, I would like to take time to say Thank You! We never do it enough times in our lives, being thankful for life, the universe and everything.

So Thank You for being a part of my life. Thank you for making me laugh, cry or any other indiscriminated (is this a word?) emotion. You helped me grow, as a human being, a patchwork quilt made of stardust and earth.

Quoting an author you probably know very well:

“You step onto the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

Here’s to being swept off!

Love & Light